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For nine years Queensland Health had been protected from addressing key information, in Ms Mason's letter dated 25 May 1998, which, the ADCQ accepted, constituted unlawful discrimination. 

The Queensland Health Director-General was opposed to assessing the sustained cover-up of Ms Mason's claim to have made inquiries with the Department of WPHS, regarding my specific footwear requirements:

Unaware of the existing conflict of interest when Mark Brady, Director of the Workplace Investigations Unit, drafted the responses from both the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Health and the Director-General, I asked the Director-General about the 26 items of concern raised with his Office by the Ombudsman:

The Director-General did not respond.

I also introduced the Ombudsman's concerns to the Public Service Commissioner and asked him to explain his decision not to review the integrity of the 2006 Queensland Health investigation, conducted by Mr Mark Brady of the Workplace Investigations Unit:

Uncertain of a reply I sought representation from my local Member of Parliament, Ms V Darling:

I again raised concerns with the Minister for Health, introducing him to the 26 items of concern raised by the Ombudsman:

My local Member responded to my request for assistance with the Public Service Commissioner:

Neither the Director-General nor Minister for Health had responded to the Ombudsman's concerns, so I wrote again:

Once again and unbeknownst to me Mr M Brady, of the Workplace Investigations Unit, who was implicated in the concealment of the claims in Ms Mason's letter dated 25 May 1998, was able to prevent a review into the full content of that letter; as raised in the list of concerns prepared for the Director-General by the Ombudsman:

Mr Brady, who confirmed his own Workplace Investigations Unit's investigation had not discovered the Ombudsman's "Extract of Complaint", distinctly advised, when advising the Minister there was no new evidence, that he became aware of its existence in when it was provided by the Minister, on 7 September 2007.

Noticeably, when advising the Minister not to respond, Mr Brady protected his 2006 investigation by

sustaining his own concealment of the claims made by Ms Mason, in her letter dated 25 May 1998:

Mr Brady's prepared letter was not posted:

I did however receive a letter of acknowledgement:

I requested an update from my local member:

Ms Darling did not reply.

I asked the Health Minister to update his inquiries with his Department:

I asked my local representative for a response:

The response sent on 19 June from the Health Minister reiterated his letter sent in April, advising his Department was investigating:

I asked the Minister to whom, within his Department, he had referred my concerns:

My local representative responded to the concerns I had raised about the Public Service Commissioner:

The enclosed letter from Premier Anna Bligh's Office advised:

The Ombudsman's concerns had not been acknowledged.

I explained the complete suppression of 26 items of concern by Queensland Health to my local member and requested she ask the Public Service Commissioner why he too had excluded them:

Ms Darling did not respond.

I asked again for her representation:

I wrote again to the Minister for Health regarding the utter secrecy surrounding the Ombudsman's concerns:

My local representative had also not responded to my concerns, so I wrote again:

The Minister for Health had ignored my requests to be informed of the status of his Department's investigation.

I informed the Queensland Premier of the complete suppression of the concerns raised by the Ombudsman:

I also asked assistance from an opposition Member of Parliament:

The Premier distanced herself once again:

I reminded the Premier of the 26 items of concern raised by the Ombudsman, which had not been addressed:

Mr McArdle had not responded to my letter so I wrote another letter on 24 November, requesting a reply.

Once my request was ignored I wrote to the Deputy Leader of the opposition:

Thankfully Ms Simpson's Office responded before the Christmas holidays.

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