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I prepared for the conciliation conference by trying to discover how, during the Queensland Health investigation, evidence had been suppressed.

I was deeply concerned the Conciliation Conference might be geared to bury the erroneous content, as pointed out by my solicitor in Ms Mason's letter, dated 25 May, which, to date, had been suppressed.

The Commissioner had informed Dr Menzies of her obligation to investigate accepted discrimination complaints, yet she appeared to unconditionally accept the Queensland Health responses without determining inconsistent statements which, clearly, conflicted with information contained in Ms Mason's correspondence.

The Commissioner's acceptance of Ms Mason’s unanswered email to Mr GH of WPHS, on 2 June 1998, requesting advice identical to that already dispatched to me on 25 May 1998, and Ms Mason's evidence illustrating inquiries with WPHS in 1999 about clogs, exactly one year after she was advised by WPHS that clog's were inappropriate; made me wonder why my evidence, including the content in Mason's letter of 25 May, had been disregarded.

Whilst waiting for the conference date I sought Mr GH’s advice regarding his involvement with my footwear issue, and made Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to locate the suppressed correspondence.

Initially, I sought access to my personnel file.

The appointment made with the Department of HRS, at the Royal Brisbane Hospital, to view my personnel file was cancelled by them because my file was missing and being searched for.

When I met Mr GH he said he knew Ms Mason well but had no recollection of any emails regarding my situation and, in fact, he didn’t know my name because he had never heard of me or my specific footwear requirements.

Once the file was found and a new appointment made, I discovered just one document pertaining to the discrimination; my formal grievance sent to Ms JW, the Director of Nursing at the Royal Brisbane Hospital which, evidently, was faxed to Ms Mason on 29 January 1998.

The relevance of this document is that it precisely confirms the exact point in time, before the grievance meeting held in February, when Ms Mason became aware of my footwear requirements due to my disability, establishing the fact Ms Mason had misinformed the Commission when claiming she only became aware of this information sometime later, after the meeting.

Ms IB from HRS said the remaining correspondence between my doctor, Ms Mason and I might be missing from because the file had probably been culled.

Upon the advice of my solicitor, Mr Laikind, I made a freedom of Information application for "the whole of my file"

I also made applications for more information regarding the whereabouts of my file when missing, and requested for searches to be made for the missing documents:

Ms Mason informed the ADCQ of my FOI applications.

When I arrived on Friday 14 April 2000 to personally pick up the requested information, as arranged with Mr Donovan, he said it was in the post.

Consequently, I did not find out until after the conference that my missing file had been in the possession of Ms Mason since I first sought advice from Mr Laikind regarding the WPHS confirmation that Ms Mason had made the stated inquiries, in her letter dated 25 May 1998, and had not received the stated requirement, of the Department, for me to make alternative footwear arrangements in the workplace.

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